Why do I coach?!

Ever since I can remember I’ve loved this game. My grandfather brought me into this game and I will do the same for any of you out there! My grandfather had to stop playing due to a bad back from certain movements in his swing. As I studied the swing, my goal was to make sure nobody ever had to endure such hardship ever again. This game has brought me so much joy and I hope it will do the same for you.


Colin McCarthy

PGA Golf Coach

Professional Experience
  • 12,500+ hours of golf instruction, including one on one to 50+ seminars. online swing analysis, FaceTime, and Skype sessions.
  • 1,000+ club fittings, including club repair and design knowledge
  • Trackman, FlightScope, Blast Motion, 3Trak, SAM Putting Lab, and Focus Band
  • Former International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer
  • Season One, ABC’s Holey Moley Champion with host Stephen Curry
  • Extensive high school golf coaching experience
  • Golf Coach & Social Media Influencer: @colinmccarthygolf
  • Ambassador of Footjoy, BODYARMOR, KBS golf shafts, Vice Golf, Cuts clothing, and Vessel

Curriculum Overview

Your mind shapes the swing, so discussing how you see YOUR golf swing is important.

We’ll go deep on how you see your swing, how injuries could affect your swing and ways to work with them, your golf clubs and the way they move with you as well as the many golf swings and which one could best suit you.

Once we solidify those areas and you are comfortable, we move forward with function.

We will transfer your position capabilities to create a safe and simple movement. Next, we’ll break down how each moving part in the swing can be consistent and repeatable. This will help to create a solid and simple foundation for creating motion and your swing, building an understanding of your function through ideas you can remember.

Finally, putting the function in motion to create your personalized swing (it’s always been there).

Understanding how you move will take TIME, building confidence and athleticism in motion is the key to creating a consistent swing you love and trust.

We’ll break golf down into steps

  • Swing talk and chipping
  • Chipping to pitching
  • Pitching to full swing irons
  • Full swing woods to driver
  • Putting and green reading
  • Routine and specialty shots
  • Course management

This process takes different times for everyone.  


Email Contact
If you have any questions, shoot me a note 🙂